Worship Concerts:

Jeff and Jenny also serve with worship concerts on piano and acoustic guitar. They sing their original worship songs as well as leading known worship songs of others. Their desire is to cultivate encouragement. comfort, and the Lord's healing.


Worship Seminars:

Jeff and Jenny teach concepts of worship such as: How to Lead a Worship Team, Biblical Models of Worship, Worship and Piano Improvisation, Principles of Leading Worship

They enjoy working with individuals and worship teams, giving specific instruction on improving their skills, and unifying their ministries...

A typical weekend seminar might include:

  • Friday night: Introduction and teaching/Short time of worship
  • Saturday morning: Teaching/Lunch
  • Saturday afternoon: Individual and Team Consultations
  • Saturday night: Worship Concert

Songwriting Seminars:

Jeff and Jenny teach songwriting topics such as: Components of a Great Song, Creative Melody Writing, Popular Song Forms, & Songwriting 101

A possible schedule:

  • Friday night: Introduction and Teaching
  • Saturday morning: Teaching
  • Saturday afternoon: Co-writing with partners at the seminar/Sharing with the group
  • Saturday evening: Teaching/Possible worship concert

For questions about compensation, please feel free to call 615.790.0235 or e-mail jeffnjenny@me.com.