Contemporary Christian Songwriting

Your songs are unique, and as a songwriter you long for your heart’s message to be heard authentically.  The lyrics and melody are valuable, and ultimately, you want your music to inspire, encourage and make a difference. 

Your songs deserve a focused respect that leads to its best completion. Jeff offers you his expert instruction, critique and training in songwriting techniques.

Jeff coaches songwriters to create in various forms:
•    Songs crafted for praise & worship
•    Songs from a Biblical model
•    Songs for performing artists
•    Hymn writing
•    Songs for musicals or choirs
•    Improvisational with the Spirit following His guidance

Learning from Jeff you will have the opportunity to glean: 
•    Components of a contemporary song or other genre
•    Creative melody writing
•    Popular sounding hooks 
•    Lyric guidelines
•    Diverse formats
•    Quality chord progressions
•    A simple refresher on songwriting 101 basics 

Jeff's easy-going style and his specific instruction will help improve your skills while unifying your music with your ministry.

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