"Jeff is always my first choice!  He just doesn't produce masterful tracks; he adds his heart and love for Jesus to every note!" - Scott Wesley Brown, Pastor, Artist


“It was a great delight working with Jeff and 3JCord Productions. He is very professional and friendly. He has an ear to hear and a heart to serve. I was so excited when I first heard his ‘mixes’ of my songs. He took my base tracks as a template and produced a very high quality and full-production  EP.  I am very grateful for his win-win solutions and his tireless efforts to tweak-until-right!” - Ray Thombs, Senior Pastor, Artist


“My experience working with Jeff Nelson has been amazing!  He knows how to capture the vision and heart of the song you have written and take that song to a whole new level.”    “He is a gifted songwriter, pianist, singer, arranger and has a God given gift to help others with their craft”  - Deborah Clingan, Singer, Songwriter


"Working with Jeff Nelson Productions was a very pleasant experience!  Spending time with Jeff and Jenny is time I will never forget.  Jeff really knows his stuff when it comes to producing a Christian Music project.  His relaxed style of treating the client really helps you to feel at ease and the musicians he uses for recording are the best you will find anywhere. He will help you to tweak your music to make it sound the highest of quality.  There is no doubt that I will use them on my next project!  Thanks Jeff and Jenny!" - Jack Stout 


My experience with Producer Jeff Nelson was a true blessing!  It was filled with excellence, joy, prayer and professionalism! God truly uses Jeff in the studio, in the mixing and each part of any song.  I will never forget my CD recording session, and I felt God move in each song. I can't wait to record more sessions with Jeff & Jen.  I don't think I can use anybody else, I trust Jeff 100% with any song! - Lilia - Heavenly Project


"Jeff is the ultimate music professional. His skill as a musician, his great ear for sound and his arranging and producing are all second to none. But what sets Jeff apart is his totally approachable, unassuming nature. Working with Jeff makes me want to write more songs." - Martin Young


"Working with Jeff Nelson was a great experience! As the producer for my first studio album, Jeff provided professional guidance, excellent musicianship and arrangement, dedication to working together as a team, and a warm/caring heart throughout the process. I greatly appreciated his willingness to work within my own vision, while at the same time challenging me to grow in new ways. It is clear that Jeff cares about his clients and their projects, as well as producing meaningful quality music in general. It was a blessing to be able to work with Jeff, and I'm looking forward to the next time we are able to make music together!" - Curt Castro


"Jeff is truly a gifted musician.  Tears flowed when I listened to the music he put behind my melody.  I am still amazed how he captured the emotion in each note.  It was a great pleasure working with him."  - Jacqueline McCray


"I cannot express how blessed and lucky I feel since having the oppurtunity of working with Mr. Jeff Nelson. What a beautiful humble person, who's production truly reflects the love of God through his work! From The moment I first heard his piano arrangement to a song I wrote, I honestly could not believe what I was hearing! I began to cry and cry! I thought to myself, "Oh thank You Lord, You heard my prayer for help."  I honestly could not contain myself!  It was from that moment on, I knew my dreams were truly coming true . May God always bless Jeff Nelson for how much he has blessed me." - Kim Manda, Singer, Songwriter