"Let us exalt His name together." Psalm 34:3

General Recording Approaches

You have a song (or many songs), yet you want them recorded the way you hear it deep inside. Jeff will listen to you. Your ideas and what you believe the Lord wants through your music is given front seat status. There are several ways to do your project:

1. SESSION PLAYERS—The song is arranged and recorded using top Nashville musicians, the artist, and background vocalists (BGV's).  The tracks are enhanced with various overdubs, edited, mixed, and mastered.

2. PROGRAMMED TRACKS WITH OVERDUBS—Some musical styles lend themselves to midi programming, using various keyboards, drum, bass, or orchestral samples. Once the track has been arranged, created and refined, there is the option to add various live instruments (such as guitar or cello). At this point, lead vocals and BGV's are added.  Then the song is edited, mixed and mastered.

*One feasible option that is convenient to clients that are not able to come to Nashville is this:  allowing Jeff to create the tracks here.  Then you can record your lead vocal track at a studio in your own locality, send the files back to Jeff, and he can edit, mix, and master the final product.

Additional Services

1. SONG DEMOS—Songwriters who need demos of their material to present to artists and publishers, may send an MP3 of their original song(s) to us. Jeff can develop and arrange, hire a great Nashville vocalist whose voice will represent the song well, mix and master.

2. TAILOR-MADE PERFORMANCE TRACKS—If commercial tracks haven't been the correct "fit", then an accompaniment track would be created to compliment the key, style, and tempo of the singer.

3. LEAD SHEETS AND SCORING—Another service that Jeff provides is music scoring (engraving).  This can come in the form of chord charts, simple lead sheets (with a scored melody, lyric, and chord symbols), or more complex instrumental transcriptions. 

4.  SONGWRITING COACHING—This includes instruction, song critique and training in modern songwriting techniques.