Jeff Nelson Productions

"Let us exalt His name together." Psalm 34:3

As a producer, Jeff has been blessed to have arranged and produced more than 150 recordings since 1988, including projects for Integrity, Word Music, Maranathal, Brentwood-Benson, StarSong and Here to Him Music. He has been privileged to produce songs for artists such as First Call, Cindy Morgan, Scott Wesley Brown, Kara Williamson, Babby Mason, Ron Kenoly, Bruce Carroll and The Martins. He was nominated for a GMA Dove Award in 1999 for co-producing Artists Acappella. He has also produced recordings for many independent artists.

Recording Options

1. Full Recording Project – Consists of 10-12 original songs that would be: arranged, programmed, recorded (professional Nashville musicians, the artist, and background vocalists), edited, mixed and mastered.

2. Quality Programming or Overdubs – If the artist needs to enhance their sound track, options provided are: various keyboards, background vocals, and multiple orchestral and percussive sensations.

3. Song Demos – Songwriters who need demos of their material to present to artists and publishers, may send an MP3 of their original song(s) and it will be developed, arranged, vocals provided and completed in a finished format.

4. Tailor-made Performance Tracks – If the artist is needing an accompaniment track for their voice (and commercial tracks haven’t been the correct “fit”), then one would be created to compliment the key, style, and tempo of the singer.

5. Song Arrangements - Arrangement of songs are liken to remodeling or restoring a well-loved home: preserving the essence of the artist’s original intent, making it palatable, bringing it deeper into the Holy Spirit’s code of Christ.

Give us a call at 615.790.0235 and talk to Jeff personally.